Chawton House Library

Creating the Centre

The Centre for the Study of Early English Women's Writing (1600-1830) will be based at Chawton House Library, which has formal links with the University of Southampton, where Michael Wheeler is Professor of English Literature. The Centre will promote this area of study by attracting scholars and members of the public to read at Chawton, developing a publications programme, offering seminars, day conferences and cultural events, and forging links with other institutions and organizations in Britain and around the world. Major new editions are planned, and rare items in the Collection are to be made available on the world wide web.

The opening of the Centre and the Library will be marked by holding an international conference and launching a new Masterís degree programme at Southampton University, and will be timed to coincide with the Jane Austen Societyís Annual General Meeting in July 2003, held on the estate.

As Director of Chawton House Library, Michael Wheeler is responsible for academic links and for development.

Funding Chawton House Library

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