Why make a will?

Making a will gives you peace of mind to know that your possessions and other assets go precisely where you want them to when you die. Without a will, your family and friends may be faced with a financial muddle – or all your estate may even end up in the hands of the State.

Making a will means making a positive choice about the future. To leave a legacy to Chawton House Library you can add a short paragraph or codicil to your will. There are a number of ways to remember Chawton House Library in your will. The three most common methods are:

  • A Pecuniary legacy which is a gift of a specific sum of money.
  • A Residuary legacy which is the gift of the residue of your estate or a share of it.
  • A Specific Bequest which is a gift of a specific property or asset eg, a house, shares, books or a work of art.

How your legacy will work

All legacies left to Chawton House Library will be put into a designated fund. 'The Chawton House Library Fund' will be used to educate as wide a spectrum of people as possible in women's writing in English (1600 to 1830) and also safeguard the future of the House and Estate.

Pledge Form

To help us with our administration and our long-tem planning, do please let us know if you intend leaving Chawton House a legacy or bequest. Such a pledge does not commit you in any way, but it does give us the opportunity to thank you and keep you informed on the work facilitated by The Chawton House Library Fund.

Download legacy pledge form [PDF, 1.1MB]

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Armorial stained glass, circa 1665, on the Jacobean staircase

Armorial stained glass, circa 1665, on the Jacobean staircase

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