Chawton House Library Internship

Chawton House Library Internship

Interns at Chawton House Library will work as an assistant to the Librarian but also have a wider reach across the operations of the whole organisation, including: library service delivery, preservation and conservation, ‘front-of-house’, administration of some of  its departments, work with volunteers and outreach programmes.

These experiences will enable you to be aware of the issues facing special collections and the management of charitable trusts and the crucial role of fundraising in order to carry out the care and maintenance required for the collections and the building.

The internship scheme recruits annually with a deadline of the 31 October (as dated on the application). New interns are expected to take up their role in early in the following year and remain in post for 10 months. Further details are attached:

Introduction Document: Adobe PDF

Job Role:                        Adobe Pdf

Application Form:           Adobe

The internship is a volunteer role with Chawton House Library supporting the development of its interns and recognising the importance of work experience to their future career development.

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Library reading room

Lower Reading Room at Chawton House Library

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